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Battery Calculator

Battery Life Calculator

Typically, battery life is determined according to the current rating in milli-ampere per Hour which is shortened as mAh.

Ampere is an electrical model is accustomed to calculate the current circulation in the direction of the load. The battery life or strength often is calculated from the input current rating of the battery as well as the load current of the circuit.

Battery life will probably be increased in case the load current is minimum and vice versa. The estimation to determine the back up time of battery are typically mathematically calculated with the help of the following formula:

Battery Life = Battery Capacity in Milli amps per hour / Load Current in Mill amps * 0.70

Battery Capacity (mAh)             Device Consumption (mA)

÷  × 0.7*


Estimated Hours (Backup Time)


*The factor 0.7 is an approximate figure for accommodating external impacts such as temperature, battery age, chemical balance, etc which can negatively affect battery life or its backup time.

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