Brief Introduction

Homemade circuits was founded in the year 2011 by Swagatam.

Prior to this the author used to be an active contributor at Brighthub, which helped him to gain significant experience in the field of blogging.

Homemade circuits was started with an aim to share and spread the knowledge of electronic concepts freely among aspiring engineers and newbies through the expertise of experienced authors.

What we do

Electronics is a hugely interesting subject, and no surprise many online sources are busy writing and publishing about its theories and concepts.

The online world is flooded with multitude of electronic websites offering free electronic circuits and stuffs, ....however there's one thing they mostly seem to lack, and that's credibility.

An electronic circuit is not just about publishing a piece of schematic and forgetting, or posting something too technical without an elaborate and convincing explanation.

Here at homemade circuits, unlike others we make sure that the author who is writing the post has an in-depth knowledge regarding the subject, and actively responds to every comment or query posted by a intrigued visitor.

We take user questions and doubts seriously, and make a dedicated effort in solving their issues, through a continuous support until their problem is totally solved.

Enlightening the new users with clear and authentic information is the main motto here.

In this site you will find that no electronic concept is unnecessarily made complex just to make it look more advanced. We always try to produce an easier alternative if feasible, so that even a layman can feel inspired to learn more.

We may refer to other high quality websites regarding a topic, but before publishing we make sure to apply our own expertise to judge the trustworthiness of the concept so that the users are not misled with an incomplete or an incorrect data.

With over 50,000 comments and replies, homemade circuits is beyond just an electronic website, it is thriving community where visitors get the opportunity to learn, understand, and build a selected project, and always find their circuit related projects fulfilled.

By joining this website you have done the right thing, because this is the only website that ensures that users are able to achieve their electronic goal ASAP.

Welcome aboard! And please do not forget to share, subscribe and Bookmark us. For further questions, please feel free to use the comment box below!

Our Esteemed Authors and Engineers who helped this site to grow with their Valuable Contributions
  1. Girish Radhakrishnan
  2. Abu Hafss
  3. Robin Peter
  4. Selim Yavuz
  5. Ainsworth Lynch
  6. Vasilis K
  7. Syed Asim
  8. Henry Bowman
  9. SS Kopparthy
  10. Ajay Dusa
  11. Ankit Negi
  12. Navneet Sajwan
  13. Swagatam
Some important names could be missing here, if you think your name deserves to be here please inform us through a comment or through the contact page, we'll update it immediately.

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