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10KVA Solar-Grid Inverter Changeover with Low Battery Protection

In this post we learn how to build a 10kva solar grid inverter changeover circuit which also includes a low battery protection feature. The idea was requested by Mr. Chandan Parashar.

Solar Panel to Inverter Changeover Specifications

I am big follower and fan of yours.

I have a solar panel system with 24 Panels of 24V and 250W connected to generate a output of 192V, 6000W and 24A. It is connected to 10KVA, 180V inverter which delivers the output to drive my appliances during daytime. During night the appliances and inverter run on grid supply.

I request you to kindly design a circuit which will change the inverter input from grid to solar power once panel start generating the power and should again revert the input from solar to grid once darkness falls and solar power generation falls.

Kindly design another circuit which will sense the batter.

I request you to kindly make a circuit which will sense that battery is getting discharged below certain threshold value say 180V (esp during rainy season) and should switch the input from solar to grid even though some amount of solar power is being generated.

With Regards,

Dr Chandan Parashar

Designing the Circuit

The 10kva solar/grid automatic inverter changeover circuit with low battery protection which is requested above can be built using the concept presented in the following figure:

In this design which may be slightly different to the requested one, we can see a battery being charged by a solar panel though an MPPT controller circuit.

The solar MPPT controller charges the battery and also operates a connected inverter through an SPDT relay for facilitating the user with a free electricity supply during day time.

This SPDT relay shown at the extreme right side monitors the over-discharge condition or the low voltage situation of the battery and disconnects the inverter and the load from the battery whenever it reaches the lower threshold.

The low voltage situation could mostly take place during night when there's no solar supply available, and therefore N/C of the SPDT relay is linked with a AC/DC adapter supply source so that in an event of a low battery during night the battery could be charged for the time being through the mains supply.

A DPDT relay can be also witnessed attached with the solar panel, and this relay takes care of the mains supply changeover for the appliances. During day time when the solar supply is present, the DPDT activates and connects the appliances with the inverter supply, while at night it reverts the supply to grid supply in order to save the battery for a mains failure back up situation.

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  1. Thanks Mr Swagatam,
    Will try to assemble it and get back to you.

  2. Mr. Swagatam Majumdar,
    This is a very cool circuit, although I'm concerned about switch bouncing, and wonder if this could be modified a bit to include a DPDT solid state relay (if such a thing exists), and a way to set the low battery transfer trigger point and an upper battery voltage setting to switch back to the Inverter.

  3. Thanks Stephen, yes that's possible, by replacing the transistor relay stage with an opamp automatic charger circuit stage. The relay could be replaced with a DPDT SSR


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