A very simple yet useful 6 watt audio amplifier circuit using IC TDA1011 is explained in the following article, which can be built by new hobbyist and used for amplifying music from different sources such as cellphones, FM radios, doorbell etc.

By:Dhrubajyoti Biswas.

A monolithic integrated audio amplifier circuit TDA1011 is especially used for recording systems or portable radio. TDA1011 has the power to delivery up to 4W on an impedance of 4W load.

The device can also reach 6W on 4W where the supply would be 16V in those applications which are mains-fed.

The maximum permissible supply of TDA1011 is 24V. It is for this reason the device is well suited for AC and DC systems.

Also the low voltage supplies of 3V and 6V enables applications that run on 6V.

TDA1011 comes with various features.

They are:

a) SIL based which enables easy-mounting of the device;

b) power and preamplifier is separated;

c) output power is high;

d) has thermal protection;

e) input impedance is high;

f) current drainage is low;

g) generates less noise to radio frequencies.

6 watt Audio Amplifier Using TDA1011

Technical Specifications

Other electrical specifications for the proposed 6 watt amplifier circuit using TDA1011 are as follows:

  1. Peak output current  is as high as 3 amps

  2. Total Harmonic distortion is 1.5 watts

  3. Frequency Response is within 60Hz and 15kHz

Heat Sink Design

Just like any other amplifier IC, the TDA1011 too will require a heatsink in order to perform optimally at full load conditions, that is high volumes.
Let's assume the supply voltage to be 12V, then as per the standard calculation a hetasink of 39 K/w would be just enough for keeping the IC col and running faithfully regardless of the load conditions.

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