A lead acid current controlled automatic 12V battery charger circuit with 4 LED indicators can be learned in the following post. The design also includes a 4 level charging status indicator using LEDs. The circuit was requested by Mr. Dendy.

12V Battery Charger with LEDs

I would like to ask and look forward to you to be made Automatic cellphone charger circuit 5 Volt and Automatic Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit 12 V (in the schematic circuit and the first transformer CT) automatic / cut off by using a battery indicator and

LED lights red as an indicator were charging (Charging On Indicator) using IC LM 324, and

LM 317 and a full battery using a green LED and breaking electrical current when the battery is full.

For cellphone charger circuit 5 Volt I want to have levels of the following indicators:

0-25% battery is in the charger using a red LED.25-50% using a blue LED (red LED goes out)55-75% using a yellow LED (LED red, blue outages)75-100% using a green LED (LED red, blue, yellow outages).next to Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit 12 V I want to use the 5 LED lights as follows:0-25% using a red LED25-50% using orange LED (red LED goes out)50-75% using a yellow LED (LED red, orange outages)75-100% using a blue LED (Led red, orange, yellow outages)more than 100% using the green LED (LED red, orange, yellow, blue outages).

I hope you, the components are common and accessible and made a circuit schematic above as soon as possible because I really need schematics details.

I hope you will help me to find a better solution.

Thank you.


The Design

The requested 12V automatic battery charger circuit with 4 LED indicators make use of  4 level status indicator and can be witnessed below.

The TIP122 controls over-discharge of the battery while the TIP127 ensures an instant supply cut-of for the battery, whenever an overcharge limit is reached for the battery.

The SPDT switch can be used to select the battery charging either from a mains adapter or from a renewable energy source such as a solar panel.

Circuit Diagram

Battery Charger with 4 LED Indicator

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