In this post we learn how to make a simple washing machine using a single motor and a cam shaft mechanism, cheaply.

The Concept

Washing machines are costly devices which may not be affordable for a section of the population and also to villagers who even might not have an easy access to these equipment. A homemade version for the same may be learned in this article.


A Simple Washing Machine Mechanism

A rather straightforward approach may be witnessed in the above shown homemade washing machine mechanism, where a motor/camshaft mechanism is used for implementing a slow punching or hammering action over the clothes which needs to be cleaned and washed.

The motor spindle can be seen attached with a camshaft and a vertical rod with a wooden punch.

The wooden punch is supposed to be fixed inside a plastic tub such that the punch diameter is just smaller than the tub inner diameter. This allows the punch to execute the hammering action smoothly within the specified range.

In order to facilitate an easy introduction of the clothes, the wooden punch has a lid cut-out over its surface, which operates with a hinge and lock.

The clothes are pushed at the bottom of the tub by opening this lid upwards and then inserting the clothes through the opening towards the bottom of the tub.

Next, the required amount of water and detergent is poured through this lid over the clothes.

Once this is done, the lid is closed and locked.

Finally, the motor is switched ON so that the slow punching action is initiated over the clothes.

The wooden punch can be seen having a bunch of holes drilled across it, this allows water to squeeze in and out while the hammering action is being carried out. The action ensures a better cleansing due to an active exchange and churning of water/detergent over the clothes.

Note: The motor should be integrated with a built-in gear box in order to carry out a relatively slow and gentle rotation (hammering) action over the clothes.

Simulating the Washing Machine Operation

A Rough Simulation to understand how to make a simple washing machine and its mechanism.


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