The post explains a very simple automatic bathroom/Toilet Engage indicator circuit which can be installed with any relevant door bolt for implementing the actions. The idea was created and submitted by Mr. Sandipan.

The Design

I have one more idea that need your help. I would like to implement is at my home ( just a simple useful fun ).

Here is my idea :

Automatic Bathroom/Toilet Engage indicator :

Requirements :

1. If a bathroom/toilet is engaged/ locked from inside ( in use ), a LED indicator ( Placed outside) should glow.

2. If the bathroom/toilet is locked from outside ( Not in use ), the indicator should not glow.

3. The bathroom/Toilet can be locked from inside using one Sliding door bolt or simple door bolt or both.

Based on the above requirement, I designed a very simple Circuit using one LED, 2 AA battery and use door locks as switch. Here is the circuit diagram

Circuit Diagram

So, if any bolt or both bolt are used from inside, it complete the circuit and LED will glow.

The problem is, a lot of wiring is visible in back side of the door. I have tested this circuit using breadboard but not with Bathroom/Toilet door :( .Could you please suggest any other sensor based idea/circuit ?



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