Tilt Sensor Switch Circuit

The articles presents a simple water triggered switch which is effectively implemented as a super simple tilt sensor circuit. Let's know more.

Easy to Build Circuit

Ready availability of cost effective components can be deployed to fabricate tilt sensor alarm in ultra transistor based simple circuit.

The domestic version of tilt sensor explained here is just a simple small glass or poly bottle comprising two metallic needles penetrated through its lid containing a negligible measure of water.

One can even try through one’s own innovations to develop a tilt sensor with just a 9V alkaline battery to power the entire circuit.

Simulation and Working

Referring to the simple tilt sensor circuit diagram below, transistor T1 is generally in dormant state and on tilting the water filled sensor assembly, the needles within the sensor container are subjected to a short-circuit caused by water with the availability of positive voltage at T1’s lower part triggering to get activated. T1’s activation triggers those of T2 and T3.

The next transistors stage which T2 provides static bias for T1 making it to be latched with T3 triggering T4 SCR which in turn powers the active piezo-sounder (BZ1). The activation once complete, the circuit can be neutralized using power push-off switch S1.

How to Setup the Circuit

For adjusting the sensitivity of circuit, preset P1 is compulsorily integrated which may be necessary if a different readily available tilt sensor is used.

In the same way, SCR(T4) besides piezo sounder (BZ1)can also be substituted with close comparable parts. Resistor R3 Resistor R3 (100-150 Ohm) is not compulsory.

Circuit Diagram

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