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The post investigates a circuit which can be used for negating or neutralizing the everlasting harmful low frequency EMFs created from our mains power line in our homes. The idea was requested by one of the interested readers of this blog.

Technical Specifications

I'm trying to find a device or plans to build a device that will generate random EMF noise in the frequencies of 30 Hz - 100 Hz with an adjustable output of about 10 mG to 50 mG. The purpose is to disrupt the cellular oscillation caused by a constant 60 Hz high EMF in my house. Anyone have suggestions?

The debated harmful effects produced by the continues presence of various EMF content could range from regular headache attacks, uneasiness, insomnia, anemia, and even cancer.

It is said that if there could be a way to reveal the magnitude of  man made EMF around us, we all would appear like swimming in a pool of EMF curd.

The advent of  wireless technology has made our everyday lives so much dependent on it that now it looks impossible to detach ourselves from this harmful invisible enclosure.

The EMF surrounding us can be fundamentally classified into high frequency RF or radio waves and extremely low frequency EMF.

Both types are proved to have their own negative impacts on our health, however low frequency EMF being more easily reachable to us is regarded to be potentially much harmful than the RFs.

The main sources of these ELF EMFs could be our mains radiation from our domestic 50/60 Hz line through TV sets, mixer grinders, amplifiers, ovens etc.

As requested above an effective remedy to negate the influence of these radiations is to generate a counter ELF EMF having randomly changing frequency in the atmosphere near us or simply in homes.

The Design

As shown in the below given home EMF protector or neutralizer circuit, we have a configuration which is capable of emitting different levels of low frequency EMFs in the surrounding in a random manner.

These emissions are likely to interact with the existing ELF EMFs producing a cancelling or neutralizing effect.

The circuit could be understood with the following points:

The IC 4060 is as usual configured as a free running oscillator.

The outputs from pin#1 to pin#7 produce frequencies varying with a factor of 2x, meaning a particular output could be consisting frequency 2x than the previous pinout or x/2 than the preceding pinout.

All these pinouts with individual frequency outputs are linked with respective common collector transistor configuration.

The bases of these transistors are in turn controlled by the sequential switching output from the IC 4017 which is clocked by the lowest frequency pinout of the IC 4060 itself.

Thus the 8 transistors are switched randomly such that they allow randomly selected frequencies to appear at the base of the power transistor TIP122.

The TIP122 responds to these random frequency switching and oscillates the connected inductor accordingly.

Neutralizing the ELF

The coil being subjected to these oscillations at high current levels start emitting the respective random ELF EMFs in the surrounding atmosphere for the intended neutralization effects over of the existing harmful mains radiation.

The power required for operating this proposed EMF neutralizer or protector circuit is 12V at 3 amps.

The inductor used could be a matter of experimentation. To begin with 500 turns of 30 SWG could be tried over a large laminated iron E-core block.

The 100k pot gives an option of setting the IC 4060 with different ranges of frequencies across all the outputs, as per individual preference or surrounding EMF level conditions.

Circuit Diagram

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Swagatam said…
2 or 3 times maximum with a fully charged battery
Arun Dev said…
Sir how can we understand whether this circuit is working or not ? How can it be felt to have the surrounding emf got reduced ?
Swagatam said…
you may be able to see improvements in your sleeping pattern (more clamness while you go to sleep), no dreams), lower stress levels, less tiredness etc.
Neeraj said…
I am planning to build the circuit, however it is difficult to find the inductor here. Is there some option online where I can buy one?
Swagatam said…
you can build it by winding 200 turns magnet wire over an iron bolt
Neeraj said…
Thank you sir for the valuable input, I will let know once the circuit is complete.

Also additionally it would helpful to know if you know of a way to measure EMF levels at home using any android app.
Swagatam said…
Thanks Neeraj, for measuring EMF, perhaps you can use a high power amplifier and connect an antenna at its input using a 5 feet flexible wire and connect the output of the amp with a AC voltmeter...this will let you know how much stray EMF may be present in the area...
Rama said…
hello sir, i got all the component that i need to make this circuit, but i don't know about the inductor. could you please tell me the detail for that inductor? "200 turns magnet wire over an iron bolt". What size of magnet wire and iron bolt?
Swag said…
Hi Rama, The coil is actually a random selection, because we do not exactly know what frequencies need to be neutralized, and it could also depends on the frequency adjusted by the pot.

Initially you can try a small 12/220V/500ma transformer, and connect the 0-12V side with the transistor.

And make sure to adjust the pot such that pin#3 of IC 4060 generates a frequency of not less than 2Hz.

THe 220V side can be used as an antenna for propagating the waves.
Rama said…
thank you sir, i will try it

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