The post explains a high voltage generator circuit which may be employed as a stun gun circuit for keeping intruders from reaching an individual with dangerous intentions.

What is a Stungun

Please read the following instruction before constructing: Also know as a Taser gun this gadget generates substantial voltage pulses which can disrupt muscle tissues and neurological system, forcing any individual who touches it in a condition of mental bewilderment.

The unit may be used again attacking beasts or dangerous intruders.

Be aware that, this gadget could be prohibited in your country.

It may be extremely dangerous for folks with cardiac issues, who may be using external electronic apparatus (like peacemakers), since it can deliver quite a  little RF.

Don't attempt reckless behavior using this gadget, it is far from a plaything.

The proposed stun gun circuit description may be understood as follows:

The 555 IC is connected as a astable to generate rectangular waves with variable frequency and duty cycle (see the potentiometers and diode).

This signal is fed to a IRF840 Mosfet (not necessary to incorporate totem transistor network, as frequency would be reduced, nonetheless the IC has adequate current potential to swiftly charge/discharge the gate).

As an alternative for the mosfet a bipolar transistor works extremely well (add a 100 ohm resistor between 555 and base of the transistor).

Proper BJT could be BU406, but additionally scaled-down BJT may be ok, take into account that it should be able to cope with a minimum of 2A nonstop.

The inductive boost snubber isn't called for since the electrical power is lower which is practically completely adsorbed to charge the tank capacitor, furthermore because this gadget is battery powered we don't wish to disperse the power on a resistor, yet we need to produce the sparks.

With a snubbing system you are going to encounter decreased firing levels. Utilize A PUSHBUTTON SWITCH FOR Protection

Building the Transformer for the stun gun circuit:

This could be the actual tedious aspect. Because it in retailers we have to construct these. Components essential: enamel copper wire (0.20 mm or 0.125 mm), ferrite rod, LDPE sheets (0.25 mm).

Coat the ferrite rod with a application of ldpe (polyethylene, as a substitute utilize electric insulating tape) and stick it (or tape it) Position 200-250 winding on the ldpe (a lot more winding would do in case the rod is more than 1'), an additional ldpe application, yet another 200-250 winding and so forth to eventually have 5-6 tiers (approx 1000-1400 turns nonetheless supplementary turns wouldn't negatively affect the functionality), then again be cautious for internal arcing that could destroy it.

Insulate it once more and set the primary winding, 15-20 turns of 1mm wire would be simply fine, an excessive amount of winding will probably lead to lesser current and reduced spike in T2 secondary on account of decreased rise period, and too few is not going to saturate the core.

Go for MKP capacitors since they have minimal ESR and ESL (these are popular in tesla coils as mmc capacitors).

The Spark Gap

The spark opening could be straightforwardly a pair of crossed (although not touching) 1 mm spaced wires. It works like a voltage regulated switch, firing when the voltage is just nice to ionize the air between them (transforming it to plasma with smaller resistance).

Remember that it could be sensible do put it into a compact plastic box and stuff with oil allowing bubbles away don't employ motor oil or frying oil, rather organic mineral oil which includes zero water inside.

Circuit Diagram

Simple Stun Gun Circuit

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