High Voltage Transistor MJE13005 - Datasheet, Application Notes

The article relates us with the important features and specifications of MJE13005 device, which is a high voltage, high speed transistor, applicable for many different electronic circuit designs.
Let's try to understand the pin outs and technical specs of the device:

Pinout Diagram

Main Features

Package - TO-220AB (typically recommended)

Type - NPN Silicon

Power Handling Capaciy - 75 Watts,

Maximum Current Handling Capacity - 4 Amps

Maximum Voltage Handling Capacity - Not less than 400V

Main Application Areas

High voltage circuits, switch mode power supplies, motor control, switching regulators, inverters, solenoid drivers.

Maximum Tolerable Ratings

Maximum sustainable collector to emitter voltage = 400V DC (700V DC pulsed)

Maximum tolerable emitter to base voltage = 9V DC

Maximum sustainable collector to emitter current = 4 amps (8 amps pulsed)

Maximum continuous base current = 2 amps (4 amps pulsed)

Technical Specifications

Base emitter saturation voltage = typically 1.2V

DC current gain (hFE) = typically around 20 to 60

Application Circuits

A couple of application circuits using the MJE13005 have been discussed in the following articles:

Simple SMPS Circuit

Simple Transformerless Power Supply

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Good day to you
Can I use this BT136-600D instead of (MJE13005 , TO-220AB )
Swagatam said…
satheesh, BT136 is a triac, whereas MJE13005 is a BJT, both cannot be interchnaged
Good morning thanks for your quick reply
Sorry sir seller told me this. So I asked you to confirm .BJT have any other equivalent number?
Swagatam said…
satheesh, both the devices are rated to work at high voltages, but BT136 is specified to work with AC while MJE with DC...so are entirely different in that respect.
Dear sir, can I made an 100-120watts inverter using MJE13005?
Swagatam said…
Chandrachur, yes that may be possible if the input is 310V DC
raja rajai said…
Dir sir,can I made an 1000 watts inverter using MJE13005??
Swagatam said…
you can may be, if the DC input is at 330V
Loki said…
Sir can i use 13005 transistor to design 12v dc to 220v ac Inverter
And can i use 13005 to build induction heater
Swag said…
Loki, MJE13005 is suitable for high voltage applications, not for 12V or 24V applications, so no you cannot use it for inverter or induction circuits.
Loki said…
Sir is ampere is the problem here
If yes can i use many transistor (13005) in parallel to increase it
Swag said…
you can put them in parallel but use a common heatsink for all of them which are in parallel.

Loki said…
I connected 12 13005 in parallel so total ampere of 12*4=48
But still it get heated up when i conected it to my Inverter. The original transistor of my inverter is irfz44(mosfet) which is not available in my area where as 13005 is available at really cheap
Swag said…
you will have to use a very large heatsink, and single heatsink for the all the BJTs on each channel...two separate heatsinks for the two channels.
If it is cheap then it could duplicate one.

You should try other recommended ones like 2N3055, TIP35 etc.

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