Remote controls have always been an intriguing device for all of us because of one good reason: It allows us to operate distant gadgets with a flick of a button, without having to move an inch.


Today with the advancement of technology remote control switches have become accessible very easily from the market and we can buy such units quite cheaply and install them as per our own specific needs.
Today you can buy a remote control module from your local dealer or even more easily from an online store at very reasonable costs (for about $10).

These units will basically come with a receiver module neatly  enclosed inside a small plastic box. The relays inside this receiver can be toggled using a small transmitter unit enclosed inside another tiny plastic enclosure accompanied with a key chain like attachment.

There are many versions of the above system, depending upon ones needs the particular type may be ordered.

The most basic one has a single relay which may be controlled through a single button over the given transmitter unit.

Common Technical Specifications

Other models come with 2 relays, 4 relays, 8 relays etc. which may individually controlled by pressing the relevant buttons over the associated transmitter key chain arrangement.

The transmitter is powered through a small button cell which might take to get exhausted while the receiver module needs to be powered through an external AC/DC 12V 100 mA power supply.


The relay outputs are very neatly terminated at the edge of the module using connectors. You just have to identify the respective pin outs and wire the electrical loads across these connectors as per your own specifications.

Where this Remote Control can be Used

The remote control can be very effectively used for remotely operating shutters, water pump motors, garage doors, apartment gates and doors, it can be also used in cars and vehicles for locking doors and ignition systems.

You may also find these gadgets useful for controlling household electrical items like lights, fans, ACs, and other similar gadgets just by a press of the respective buttons.

The Code Hopping Feature

Another cool feature with these advanced remote control systems is the code hopping feature which makes the signals generated from the transmitter absolutely fool proof.

The codes are automatically changed and made compatible with the transmitter and receiver making it impossible for the hackers and other malicious agents from copying your secret remote transmissions.

Ans whats more, in case your transmitter handset is lost, the system also incorporates a "code learning" operation, which enables you to interface any different remote with your existing receiver by pressing a single push button situated inside the receiver module....once the receiver and the new transmitter "shake hands", you can use them together very safely as these both units now become "made for each other".

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