Building a Sec Exciter - By Steven Chiverton

One of my friends who is an inventor, a mad scientist and an intense electronic enthusiast Mr. Steven Chiverton is always upto discovering and making intriguing electronic circuits and gadgets.

His outstanding efforts in the field of electronic is worth sharing and learning. After many months of disappearance, just a few days ago I received his email and without wasting anytime I requested him to update me with all his recent contribution to electronics and experiments. Let's learn what he had to say and what he was busy with for so long.

The following experiment shows how interestingly Mr.Steven could draw free energy from air using his home-built sec exciter coil tower, he used it to a feed a small LM317 power supply unit and made it work successfully. Read more...

How to Wind the Inductors

"When i hand wind my coils i didn't use varnish its to soft and takes to long to dry , so i mix a 2 part araldite mix together then use my fingers to apply it while rotating the coil winder by hand so the araldite dries fast and thick and is stronger.

i make my own colloidal silver and soon ill be making the first ever colloidal silver using the same voltage and energy or RF current i get from the sec tower so i hope the energy rf currents and the voltage can make some kind of rejuvenated super water....

I'll take some pictures when i get the chance to of all the circuits ive made that are powered from the single output wire of an sec exciter tower including my fast nmh battery charger and high voltage capacitor charger etc etc at first the results of the nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery test was mixed in one test the battery had some voltage left in it and gained a charge up to 12 volts well past the battery's capacity, then another test a battery went flat fast after topping it up using the circuit and

another test the measured battery voltage was going up as if self charging itself , so i wondered if the rf currents and voltage from the sec exciter tower did something to whats inside the battery , its a long story.

Images of Sec Exciter Coil Tower Pototype

Here are 7 pictures of the sec exciter coil tower powered voltage and current regulator circuits  adding just the 2 fremenko plug diodes to these enables them to be powered from a one wire output from the sec exciter coil tower ive got the video of these being tested and its amazing".

Please also see the VIDEO clipping after the images.

Employing a LM317 Circuit

Here's some tests i did with another lm317 regulator circuit i built to
try get the best current and voltage outputs  so far it would be suitable to use it to a joule thief to try get a better  current output
from it.

During experiments of my newest sec exciter, tower powered Regulator circuit, I decided to use a spot on the circuit board of my newest Lm317 sec exciter, tower powered regulator circuit,

I decided to test a neon Out on it so I soldered it into that spot it was marked with a question mark on The other circuit above , the neon light up so there was more than enough Voltage coming out of the output of that circuit to light up the neon.

Illuminating a Wireless Neon Bulb

Then I decided to try another neon at the load area so I Held a neon by one leg and it lit up when I touched the other one leg to the Positive on the load and it even lit up when I touched the neon leg to the Negative of the load , and also when I lit the neon up at the load points the Other neon near the outputs got Brighter .

So I turned the driver Circuit to the sec exciter tower off and I was holding the lm317 regulator by The board and as I touched the negative output pin the neon in the lm317 sec Exciter powered regulator circuit started to flash on and off .

And yet the Power to the driver was off so what the hell was doing this the closest power Source to the circuit was the switched off 9 volts dc 500 milli amps power Supply wire running to the sec driver circuit which was switched off so what the Hell could 9 volts dc at 500 milli amps regulated power supply had to do with The neon flashing on and off its dc regulated so whats the connection.

I pulled the power supply out of the plug to the switched Off circuit and the neon stopped flashing. Now even 9 volts at 500 milli amps is Not enough to flash a neon and the driver circuits power is off and the power Input led is off so wheres the energy, coupling coming from to light the neon.

I did some more testing the sec exciter coil tower powered lm317 voltage regulator circuit and with the neon blinking on and off with the power to the circuit on and the power switch at the circuit in the off position ,

I measured the voltage input into the driver circuit to see if anything was still flowing into it with the power switch in the off position, and measured a tiny 7.0 millivolts through the off switch into the driver circuit , with the amount of parts in the driver circuit and the amount of wire in the sec tower coil it shouldn't off even been able to ignite a neon at all even very dimly on and off like it dose and with 7.0 millivolts input leaking through and the neon blinking on an off continuously while i have my finger grounded to the regulator circuits negative output is a strange one.

The next circuit runs off a one negative wire output of the lm317 circuit that's powered from the one wire output of the sec exciter tower its weird way of operating may be hard to explain for me anyhow so you can see some of what i written down on the drawing , its could end up being the rf version of a new parasite zapper for all i know till i do some more testing 2 of the neons also respond like a body's efeild sensor and lite up when you bring your hands near it

Discussing How to Build a Sec Excitor Coil

I tried to email you before when i got back online with new email address but your email wouldn’t work and i used the same email i always had before when i used to email you so i assumed you changed your email otherwise it would have posted ok

And i found your name here and there on the net and i left messages but it wouldn’t post and the email in them wouldn’t post either so you was untraceable, so this time i was finally lucky .

Anyhow i have so much to update you on my digital camera that i used to do close-ups is still just working despite battery lid not staying closed and its rechargeable batteries not lasting; long so ill see what i can do , due to the large sizes of my 2 best sec exciter towers its impossible to try get a close-up and get it all in

I have some close ups of parts of it , hope some of these pictures will do ok one is the ac power 50 hertz switching relay the magic of this circuit makes the whole coil to produce more powerful in rf emissions ill email you more soon. and a few more of the triple sec coil tower , the limited amount of copper wire on rolls sold here at our closest electronics store enables me to wind only so much

So i wound them in series and put round pvc spacers to separate the series winds, each roll costs just over $6 but the thicker winds have more on the rolls than the thinner gauge wires, look at a transformer it has thicker primary on the outside and thinner secondary on the inside now look at what it dose if you use it in reverse mode, you are then stepping up the voltage so your using then the secondary as your primary to get a stepped up voltage out the other end the primary as you are using the transformers back to front

Now look at my towers designed around the operating principles of the transformers i wound so many series sections of thinner gauge, which in a transformer it be the secondary and after the series winds of finer gauge i wound a series wind of thicker gauge wire, to a transformer this be a primary so with the driver circuit I’m powering it backwards like you do to a transformer to step up the voltage.

If you have questions feel free to ask Steven about it.... stevenchiverton(at)

Now rf currents output is at the end out the last thicker wire coil and so by switching it on and off like you do to a transformer in reverse mode you are in a way stepping it up but the rf output goes into the circuit of the ac powered relay and one track goes into the set up of diodes and other parts

So you still have a strange set up and this has yet to be explained better if can be but it helps in the stepping up of the rf currents in the coil and air waves you can bring one leg of a neon up to coil while holding the other and it will light up and via the body capacitance so somewhere between that and the air waves is the other energy to complete the circuit so it may be getting tapped into more of have its energy share stepped up to assist in the amazing way this all operates,

Wireless Neon Light

I cant find any better way to explain it , think of the neon lighting up when you have one leg in your fingers the other leg left floating like an antennae to suck in energy or ac rf energy so the other cycle to complete the energy sharing as to come from somewhere , its ac like rf energy so it has to be working like ac voltage and cycles in a hertz fashion

I’ve been building and experimenting with these special energy exciter things on the net sec exciter for short , and have come up with some great improvements and ideas you may be able to apply your skills to and further improve them more than what i could do.for a start i recycle pvc storm water pipes into a long sec tower, coil winder , and hand wounded my coils using it, then i watched the youtube videos on the sec exciters and saw one by jonny davro who in one video used a bd135 transistor and his interest is using as less voltage or current input to get more but after trying that using at first smaller transistors.

I realized they can’t handle the heat so the bd135 was better for it and i use more voltage and current than those on youtube did at the time so i used the bd135 and even the bd139 and i used a paralleled pair for more voltage handling and so on.

I improvised by using the metal transistor bodies as heatsinks and they work well for there thickness and heat absorbing and ive come up with some interesting circuit experiments using the energy output of these sec exciter towers, like digital rf tv jamming and fast ni-mh battery charging and the battery seemed to be recharging itself in some or one test after ive finished testing the circuit out on it and ive got a circuit that is a mixture of the afremenko plug diodes and a led power meter from another site

And some ideas i threw in that has some kind of rf coupling when placed side by side and charges up hv caps from the output energy of the sec tower its a long story but ill slowly update you soon and email you pictures.

Also ive been monitoring the airwaves with another gravity wave detector with a modification and in the area im in back with my partner in the same house as before im receiving all kinds of weird sounds and signals even what sounds like an electric train powering down and a steam whistle when the train line hear is not electric yet as they haven’t extended the electric train line from the other suburb to here yet so we don’t get electric trains this far, anyhow as for the steam whistle sound we don’t have a steam train here either last one was years ago and no longer running.

I think so how does a gravity wave detector receive sounds like this its as if it something from either the other side or dimension or reality even 2 sound bursts of what sounds like air vibration of air over the wings of a plane crashing down on a movie to and faint voices to and sounds like digital sounds to and other weird things and also a sound of a large dynamo powering down to a stop sounds like a sci-fi movie giant spacecraft slowing down in our skies etc etc as i imagined it like that to one sound sounded like a truck zooming down the highways at a distance

Detecting UFO

I think it may be these so called invisible alien crafts in our skies seen only with low light level cameras and there’s more to ive collected youtube videos and some feature a signal in the audio of there cameras prior to an alien sighting and ufo sighting these signals are identical to ones ive recorded from the other suburb we used to live in, through my other gravity wave detectors.

The Circuit Idea

The first picture is a parallel bd135 transistor sec coil tower driver circuit i use to power mhy sec coil towers , if the conditions are right voltage coil design then the transistors will oscillate if not you can interrupt the base coil wire of the tower to kick start the transistors into oscillation . or you can use a spark from a hand held stove lighter to do it , it would be like a lightening triggered oscillator then. the 2 solder tube coils i made in the picture i was experimenting with them .

the next picture has 2 unconnected circuits placed side by side the one on the left is a free energy from air circuit from inventors 3 on the internet and the circuit on the right is a modified polarity indicator circuit that has only one input wire it runs to the sec towers output and will light the neon up bright and leds just from one wire running to the towers output , without this circuit placed next to the free energy from air circuit the hv caps in it wont charge up so even though they ain’t linked or joined there’s and energy sharing going on between them they work when close together , or you could call it a rf energy coupling of some kind

Importance and Usefulness of Sec Exciter Equipment, according to Steven Chiverton:

The sec exciter projects are research projects and emit enough RF radiation to illuminate a light like an led and neon from a distance so the transmission of electricity by these methods is a reality like Tesla did so besides colloidal silver brewing from the sec exciter coil which is a world first there's many things to discover

Therefore the experiments i do and conduct will bread new ideas into the imagination of those who strive to create some kind of free energy with what they may learn from all this , like a i had a sore spot under the right side of the bridge of my nose its the second time i had it and i used the RF currents beside a parasite zapper to assist in riding the pain and it worked

And i also used the RF energy from the sec exciter to kill a tooth ache and it to worked so use your imagination that's how the world can benefit my friend, and the ideas of another like my ideas i have once been told were inspiring to someone.

So that made my day , anything extraordinary that may come out of it through experimentation you can be sure it would get covered up or other by the governments of the world but only time will tell i and have plenty of it .

Swagatam anyone asks about what it can do for man kind , ask what could it do for the power hungry of the world if it yields something big out of all of it in the long run . i look for new things out of it and then document it then look for ideas it can be used for , some of the amazing discoveries over the century have also been made by accident

Your swagatam buzzer circuit you invented for the ghost detector of yours i made well i integrated that into another idea born from your idea and now i have the most powerful continuity tester with audio I've ever had and it can continuity test sending the signal right through your body and even capacitors and its great to continuity test a hand wound series coil unlike the cheap continuity testers that come with some multimeter this one is a power signal pushing one thanks to your buzzer circuitry

I improved it and added the other circuit to it, to make this beauty. some continuity testers with audio just cant check some circuits due to some things but this ones easy to use

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im already gathering the materials to try make it more powerful and ill be using the coil section taps to tap into , in the latest newest sec exciter coil despite giving up electronics for a short time and giving it all away ive decided to get back into it and start fresh and rebuild newer stuff
Swagatam said…
thanks Steven, it's great to hear from you after a long span....we are all eager to learn more about your interesting experiments, do keep us updated.

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