We all have probably seen the famous game show "who wants to be a millionaire" and many similar quiz shows, where in the initial stages a few of the participants are asked to go through a small test, the participants are asked a question, and the member who answers it first by pressing the buzzer is given the opportunity to occupy the "hot seat".

Well everybody might not be as lucky to get into such game shows, but you can certainly enjoy making and playing with this little fastest finger first decider circuit right in your home.The circuit is very simple, utilizes just a couple of ICs and some LEDs.

Simulation and Working

Four press to ON type of switches are placed at the input of the IC 7475 which is a 4-Bit Bistable Latch with Complementary Outputs.

The button which is pressed first, triggers the relevant output of the IC 7475, which in turn prompts the IC 7420 to instantly deactivate the other inputs from the other push buttons, rendering the whole system inactive, except the one which had the first trigger through the push button.

This output concerning the triggered latch illuminates the relevant LED, indicating the button number which was pressed first.

The is a simple game circuit which can be built by all electronic hobbyists and also school kids.

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