In this post we discuss about a simple electronic high frequency mosquito repellent circuit, which is supposed to drive away mosquitoes through its tuned high frequency pulses.


Mosquitoes can be considered as one of the most irritating bugs that not only trouble us a lot but have the potentials of spreading deadly diseases. These never seem to end, the more we find ways of eliminating them the more they come.

There are plenty of methods that have been developed today for tackling this issue, take for example the electrocuting bat, the mosquito repelling creams, coils, mats etc.

All of these may look effective but have never been the ideal method of termination.However there is one more method which is though quite controversial may be considered as the most efficient ways of all, provided the results are accurately optimized.

Here we are discussing the method which probably is able to drive away the mosquitoes with the help of frequency generations. Researchers have found that bugs and insects are typically allergenic to a certain spectrum of frequency level called the ultrasound frequency.

This frequency is beyond the hearing range of the humans, but can cause a lot of uneasiness to the insects and also to animals like dogs and cats.

Though it can be debatable, there have been scientists and many folks around who have found this method pretty useful for controlling mosquitoes.One sample circuit has been presented here which has been specifically devised for generating sound at the ultra frequency levels.

Simulation and Working

The proposed electronic mosquito repeller circuit cannot be considered “the be all and the end all”, but definitely has plenty of space for experimentation.

If the settings are done impeccably, and hits the “bull’s eye”, you could be just lucky.The idea is very simple and involves below ordinary components. A couple of transistors and a couple of capacitors with some resistors is all you would need.

The circuit is configured as a astable multivibrator, the selected components set the circuit to oscillate at the intended frequency.

The slight imbalance with the symmetry (different capacitor values) of the circuit has been intentionally so that the generated waveform is symmetrical, another aspect that is important for implementing the proposed results successfully.

The frequency is outputted over a piezo electric transducer which is the best interpreters of frequencies, typically at very high levels.

The given pot should be tried at different levels and tested in a mosquito infested area, it may be further optimized until, hopefully some positive and encouraging effects are observed, meaning if you finally see the mosquitoes actually fleeing.

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