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Make This Mini Hi-Fi 2 watt Amplifier

A very simple and small 2 watt audio amplifier circuit using IC 741 has been presented here which can be constructed by all new electronic hobbyists for amplifying small signal frequencies and for other similar experiments.

Simulation and Working

  • This min 2 watt amplifier circuit utilizes just a single IC 741 and a few other passive electronic components, making the entire working very easy.

  • Being small doesn’t limit its dynamic features which can be compared to a standard amplifier specs. Though the power output is not more 2 watts only, becomes sufficient loud for applications like a radio pick up amplifier or a traveler’s ipod amplifier unit.

  • The pot VR1 is used for adjusting the volume of the amplifier while the pot P2 is used for rectifying high frequency interventions if they are above 20dB. The IC 741 here actually acts as low gain amplifier and is responsible for stepping up the amplification just to a level that might be enough for driving the output power transistors.

  • The two diodes D1 and D2 have a specific role and help to fix an ideal quiescent current level for both the transistors. The output transistors are arranged in a push-pull manner, as the name suggests they operate in tandem, generating a powerful push and pull of the amplified audio into the connected speaker.

Mini Hi-Fi 2 watt Amplifier

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  1. Welldone sir.
    Sir; I cant find Pot2 1M , i have 100k, should i fix 10k in series with d middle pin of the pot?

    Is it neccessary to let the pot2 protrude out like the volume

  2. Sir, Those non-electrolytic capacitor i'm not getting them, are they in f or uf?
    For the pot 2; can i use 100k or 200k

  3. Where will the 2nd input be?
    My circuit isn't working

  4. thanks madamidola,

    10k in place of 1M will not work, you will have to procure the labelled pots only.

    P2 could be a preset or a pot and may be hidden, but if it's fitted outside like a pot it may give the unit an added feature.

  5. those are in uF, for pot2 both will work.

  6. there's no second input, it's a mono amp.

  7. I wnt to make that circuit. Can the layout of this circuit also available. Please tell me Asap.

  8. sorry PCB layout is not available.

  9. sir..
    how can i numbering the pin of IC...
    plz help me..

  10. Hi bro, can i use 9v battery for this ckt or whether dual pwr spply is required???

  11. Hi Bro, dual won't be required, a single power supply will do, but a 9V PP3 won't last very long....


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